Teaching at the University of Kansas.

Fall 2018: Math 526  Applied statistics I.

Instructor: Guangqu ZHENG
Email : gzheng90@ku.edu
Office : 641 Snow Hall
Office Hours : Monday Wednesday and Friday 3:00-3:50 and by appointment.

(Attention: the office hour on Wednesday Sept. 26 is moved to 3:00-3:50 on Sept. 25)

Class Meeting Times : Monday Wednesday and Friday 2:00-2:50pm in 120 Snow Hall.
Time period : August 20 Monday, 2018 (first lecture) — December 5 Wednesday, 2018 (last lecture); Final exam on Monday, December 10.

Textbook:  Probability & Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Walpole, Myers, Myers & Ye.  Pearson, 9th edition, 2011.

Prerequisites: Multivariable calculus — Math 127 or Math 147 recommended.   


Course Description: This is a calculus-based probability and statistic course. The course is divided into two parts: probability and statistics, which will cover the textbook mostly from Chapters 2 to 10; see also the Lecture notes by Prof. Terry Soo.


Probability part: basic probability axioms, conditional probability, Bayes’ formula, dependence and independence, expectation, variance, laws of large numbers, central limit theorem, and some special distributions (e.g. binomial distribution, multinomial distribution, Poisson distribution, negative binomial distribution, normal distribution, uniform distribution, exponential distribution, etc.)
Statistic part: fundamental sampling, data presentations, one- and two-sample estimations, one- and two-sample hypotheses tests, and some related distributions such as Student t-distribution, Chi distribution, F distribution, etc.


Grading Policy:   There will be weekly homework (20%)two midterm exams (20%+20%) and the final exam (40%).
  • Homework should be turned in on every Wednesday right before  the class. (Assignments, see below)
  • Midterm exams will be in class:
    Midterm 1 in class: Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018 (New!)
    Midterm 2 in class: Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2018
  • Final: Monday, Dec. 10,  13:30 – 16:00.
  • The room for the final exam will be announced later.


Extra material for Lecture 2:  some basics on set theory 


Homework are posted here: (due every Wednesday RIGHT before the class, Right before 2pm.)

hw1 (due Wednesday August 29)  [PDF], solution [PDF]

hw2 (due Wednesday September 5)  [PDF], solution [PDF]

hw3 (due Wednesday September 12)  [PDF], solution [PDF]

hw4 (due Wednesday September 19)  [PDF], solution [hw4-sol]

hw5 (due Wednesday September 26)  There is NO homework for this week. Instead, we will our first mid-term exam on Wednesday September 26.   Here is a set of review exercises [PDF]

hw6 (due Wednesday October 3)  [PDF], solution [later]

hw7 (due Wednesday October 10)  [later], solution [later]

hw8 (due Wednesday October 17)  the week of Fall break …

hw9 (due Wednesday October 24)  [later], solution [later]

hw10 (due Wednesday October 31 ) There is no homework for this week. Instead, we will our second mid-term exam on Wednesday October 31.   Here is a set of review exercises [PDF available later]

hw11 (due Wednesday November 7 )  [later], solution [later]

hw12 (due Wednesday November 14 )  [later], solution [later]

hw13 (due Wednesday November 21 )  the week of Thanksgiving holidays.

hw14 (due Wednesday November 28 )  [later], solution [later]

hw15 (due Wednesday December 5 )  [later], solution [later]



{In the Spring semester of  2019, I will also teach the Math 526 (Tuesday Thursday  1:00-2:15pm)}